Exhibitions in the public space

The work produced in the artistic residencies is exhibited in the public space (squares, parks and other places) of the partner cities, in Flâneur’s site specific display.

International Conference

The International Conference “Flâneur - New Urban Narratives” held in Lisbon on the 12th and 13th May 2015, was the key moment of the programme. It provided a broad forum for exchanging ideas among the participants and launched Flâneur, both at national and international level. The papers and debates are now part of an important knowledge database which will allow the Project to continually expand throughout its two year life.


The Masterclasses and ateliers are aimed at new photographers and local residents of the exhibition area. They encourage the creation of photographic narratives of the city or the neighbourhood, from an insider’s point of view.


Blindwalks is a performative drift based on a blindfolded walk in the neighbourhood, accompanied by a guide, while photographing the tour. This activity promotes the interaction of the visiting public with the core ideas of Flâneur.

Portfolio reviews

Artistic residency

Creative Camp

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