Lodz, Poland | May 2016

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June 11 2016

Flâneur by lodz - Fotofestiwal



Presentation of the project Flâneur - New Urban Narratives

With Dima Gravich (photographer), Franek Ammer (Fotofestiwal), Nuno Ricou Salgado ( and Pedro Costa (Dinâmia|CET)

Theatre room, Art_Inkubator, Tymienieckiego 3  - Lodz


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Flâneur by lodz - Fotofestiwal

From June 09 2016 to June 19 2016

Flâneur by lodz - Exhibition

HIT THE ROAD: Flâneur- New Urban Narratives

Piotrkowska street/ Rubinstein Passage

Fotofestiwal presents monographical exhibitions and group shows that address our theme. The artists represent eleven countries and three continents and the places they photographed cover the planet.

Our principal contemporary survey is “Road Trips”, eight artist’s installations that consider travel in both history and recent practice and combine a variety of techniques and technologies to express the experience of seeing a new place for the first time.

“Flâneur: New Urban Narratives” displays the results of three non-Polish photographs commissioned to explore Lodz and present their findings in an innovative outdoor installation. Current events force us to acknowledge that not all travel is plea


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Flâneur by lodz - Exhibition

Cristina De Middel

Hotel Hotel

Traveling and discovering new places is a quite common aspiration for modern times. But that means facing the unknown and dealing with which, in the end, becomes a journey into yourself and your potential and limitations. I spend most of my time traveling and facing this unknown territory and for this project I decided to engage with the exoticism of a city I had never visited and a part of the world I hardly know by keeping things under control. I decided to transform the challenge of sharing my vision of Łódź by not leaving my hotel room and sharing what that imposed isolation could tell about myself. The hotel where I was staying provided enough inspiration for that and then I started exploring my fears and expectations based on the stereotypes that these 2 weeks brought back to my mind. I magnified the scene, transforming my hotel room into the set of all the horror movies I had ever watched at the same time.

It´s not that I was scared, it´s just that the place was scary.

Dima Gavrysh

People’s Republic of Lodz

A friend told me once that Lodz is the Polish Donetsk. This statement carried such heavy stigma that I kept looking for signs of aggression, depression, and decay — the characteristics associated in my mind with the “capital” of the separatist enclave. Propaganda poisons the mind: despite having never visited Lodz before and knowing nothing about its history and people, this phrase started to shape my perception of the city as I tried to find confirmation to my bias.

This project consists of photographs made on location in Lodz along with appropriated and re-purposed imagery and quotations from various news sources, combined into fictional text. 

The goal of this project was to introduce the public to one of the most devastating  weapons of our day: the so called “hybrid warfare.” Wikipedia defines it as “a military strategy that blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare, and cyberwarfare. By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution”.

It is no longer crude, Goebels-like propaganda, it is a totally distorted, alternative reality imposed on the public via all available means of communication. It is believable, convincing, and incredibly toxic. 

Russia has been using an advanced form of hybrid warfare in Ukraine since early 2014. It relies heavily on an element of information warfare that the Russians call “reflexive control.”  Reflexive control is a perception management strategy that shapes the adversary’s and the global attitudes toward one’s actions in an advantages manner.

Moscow has used this technique skillfully to persuade the U.S. and its European allies to remain largely passive in the face of Russia’s efforts to disrupt and dismantle Ukraine through military and non-military means.

Now, I set a stage for a dystopian scenario in Poland.

Alexander Gronsky


We hope that still image is a proof that time exists. We need to believe that history is real. That buildings bare witness to the generations of people streaming by. But they don’t. They are liquid themselves. Very much like snowflakes turning into water.


The project will take place in Lodz, the third largest city in Poland according to the amount of inhabitants, located in the middle of the country in a close distance from Warsaw – the Polish capital.

Past and traditions provide an opportunity of organizing international cultural events in Lodz. The combination of many cultures, histories and religions (Polish, German, Jewish and Russian) influences present time of our city. Lodz is becoming more and more cultural and economically developed city with a lot of places dedicated to art and culture, historic monuments, beautiful parks, “alternative” places as well as shopping centers or restaurants.

Lodz is an industrial city with electronic and textile companies and factories due to its history. But despite this fact there are many student and youth activities in our city. Lodz has many universities, colleges, academies, technical university. The Leon Schiller's National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz (Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. Leona Schillera w Lodzi) is the most notable academy for future actors, directors, photographers, camera operators and TV staff in Poland.

Who we are

Foundation of Visual Education organizes educational and cultural activities. The most important event is Fotofestival - the International Festival of Photography in Lodz, which is now in its 15th year. As the most important photographic event in Central and Eastern Europe, Fotofestival receives annual support from the Polish Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Łódź. The artistic director for years 2015 and 2016 is Alison Nordstrom, PhD – a world famous and internationally recognized expert in photography. The most recent edition of Fotofestiwal drew 23 000 international visitors and 700 participants in the educational program, 250 artists, and 220 journalists. It presented 52 exhibitions and 28 accompanying exhibitions, reached 901 publications and was followed by more than 21 500 fans on social media.

The Foundation takes part in other regional, national and international actions too, including PhotoPoland which promotes Polish contemporary photography around the world (the latest edition was organized in New York City during the Photoville Festival in 2014) as well as other exhibitions, meetings, conferences, where the main goal is to create a cooperation between different organizations related to photography and to make this art available to public of all kinds.

The Foundation is also a member of Festival of Light (Worldwide) and Photo Festival Union, an association of 30 European festivals of photography. Thanks to this network, the Foundation exchanges information and experience with other associated members and cooperates with them within the exhibitions, lectures, workshops, slide-shows and portfolio review programs.

Our Foundation cooperates closely with three other organizations which are based in the same building - Lodz Art Center, Chorea Theatre Association and Fabryka Sztuki. Those organizations work on various cultural projects together making their headquarters a lively artistic place full of interesting people - amateurs and professionals, local and international, performers and public. An inspiring spirit and strong involvement in carried actions are always present here.

Offices are located close to the city center and Piotrkowska street - the most important street in Lodz.  

The team of the 2015 edition of the Festival is composed by:

  • Director: Krzysztof Candrowicz
  • Artistic Director: Alison Nordström
  • Program Director: Agata Zubrzycka
  • Executive Director: Sylwia Witkowska
  • Marketing Director: Joanna Majkowska
  • International Projects Manager: Paulina Bester
  • Sales & Sponsoring Director: Mariusz Musiałek
  • Spokesperson, PR: Justyna Kociszewska
  • Project Coordinator: Izabella Rześniowiecka-Walter
  • Grand Prix Project Coordinator: Wiktor Szkopek
  • Exhibitions Coordinator and OFF Piotrkowska: Franciszek Ammer
  • Guest Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator: Paula Strugińska
  • Accountant: Anna Gacka, Ewa Pakos


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