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Kaunas, Lithuania | October 2016

Flâneur Activities

From October 01 2016 to October 23 2016

The exhibitions of the artists The Caravan Gallery and Henrik Dunker in Kauns

The outdoor exhibition of the artists The Caravan Gallery and Henrik  Dunker opened on October 1st at Town Hall Square in presence of Nuno Salgado, leader of the Europe-wide project and the exhibitng artists.

Kaunas Photo festival hosts the unique British artist duo, “The Caravan Gallery”, Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale who were in Kaunas for a three week “Flaneur: new urban narratives” artists’ residency programme. In addition to exploring Kaunas with their cameras the artists  created a new phenomenon in the cultural life of the city – a temporary museum dedicated to Savanoriai Street; informal experimental, and spontaneous, this evolving exhibition in an old sewing factory


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The exhibitions of the artists The Caravan Gallery and Henrik  Dunker in Kauns


Kaunas is the second largest town in Lithuania, located in the heart of Lithuania. With its museums, culture institutions, numerous universities, and art festivals it has always kept a profile of a vibrant cultural environment. Kaunas Photo exhibitions are located in the central part of town, most are reachable on foot.

Useful information

Kaunas Regional Tourism Centre of Kaunas – visit.kaunas.ltwww.travel-lithuania.com
Kaunas Travel info www.kaunovartai.lt
Kaunas Municipality – www.Kaunas.lt

Reach Kaunas by plane

Kaunas International airport (KUN) is served by only two airlines: Rynair and AirBaltic.
Flying to Kaunas via AirBaltic, will lead you always via Riga. Even though the prices are usually higher than those of Ryanair, AirBaltic offers a wide network of cities you can travel from.
Flying Ryanair you can directly reach Kaunas from the follwing cities / airports:

London-Gatwick (LGW)
London (Lutton) (LTN)
London-Stansted (STN)
Bristol (BRS)
Birmingham (BHX)
Edinburgh (EDI)
Liverpool (LPL)
Dublin (DUB)
Oslo Rygge (RYG)
Frankfurt Hahn (HNH)
Brussels Charleroi (CLR)
Paris Beauvais (BVA)
Alicante (ALC)
Tampere (TMP)
Stockholm Skavsta (NYO)
Gothenburg City (GSE)

Reach Kunas by train

Also you can reach Lithuania using train lines. It is most useful and cost-effecting if traveling from South-East.
Usually international trains are coming to Vilnius train station, where during most of the day every half an hour you can take a train going to Kaunas.
Available routes from Russia and Poland are:

Moscow-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, St.Petersburg-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Kijev-Vilnius
Kaliningrad-Vilnius, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Kijev, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Sevastopol
Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Brest, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Murmansk, Charkov-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Simferopol-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Cheliabinsk-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Warsaw-Bialystok-Kaunas-Vilnius

Reach Kaunas by car

Reaching Kaunas by car is very simple. Kaunas it is located in the heart of Lithuania, where most of the important transit roads cross, including the central Baltic road, Via Baltica. which goes from Warsaw to Helsinki.
Most hotels have free parking lots. Parking in the city costs 1-3 LTL (0,3 – 0.85 EUR per hour) and is free Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.


Who we are

Viešoji įstaiga (NGO)"Šviesos raštas" is a non-profit institution for promotion for photograpy, started in 2003, "Kaunas Photo" festival as its major annual project (since 2004) and, educational activities, consulting for artists, publishing and photographic services in its scope.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual photo art festival in the Baltic States, since 2004, taking place every September in the second-largest Lithuanian town of Kaunas.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival has been a festival of premières for future stars of photography since its launch in 2004. The festival is organized every year in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania. Being the longest- running photographic festival in the Baltic States, KAUNAS PHOTO is a platform for dialogue around contemporary photographic creation between North and South, East and West. While being the prime event of art photography in Lithuania, KAUNAS PHOTO does not solely focus on Lithuanian photography. Its programs and projects, such as exhibition and book “Generation '74. 11 European Photographers born in 1974” feature a vast menu of internationally acclaimed photographers.

Thanks to a variety of exhibitions, ranging from venues of National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, to mid-sided galleries, such as Kaunas Photography Gallery, Meno Parkas gallery, Post Gallery, smaller adapted venues and outdoor exhibitions, KAUNAS PHOTO festival is the most attended photographic event in Lithuania, comprising 200-300 participants per year’s program and counting its audience by tens of thousands of local visitors. Besides numerous exhibitions, the festival publishes photography books, hosts artist talks, projection nights, portfolio reviews KAUNAS PHOTO STAR and organises annual distance-based portfolio reviews on its on-line platform, folioPORT.org.

Besides domestically hosted exhibitions in Kaunas, the festival also shows exhibitions in other Lithuanian towns and villages. Moreover, KAUNAS PHOTO holds exhibitions (of mostly Lithuanian photography) abroad. Since 2005, Kaunas-Photo-curated shows visited Finland (“Backlight” in Tampere), Poland (Fotofestiwal Lodz, Pix.House gallery in Poznan), Italy (“FotoGrafia” festival in Rome), France (“Photo de Mer” festival in Vannes, “Les Photaumnales” in Beauvais, Les Boreales in Caen), China (Pingiao and Lishui festivals), New Zealand (Auckland Festival of Photography), etc.

Since its beginning in 2004,  “Kaunas Photo” festival was co-organised by the Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Association of Art Photographers, known as Kaunas Photography Gallery, which remains the strategic partner in the years to come. KAUNAS PHOTO festival’s major sponsors are Lithuanian Culture Council and Kaunas Municipality.

The 12th edition of the festival on the theme of “Pursuit” will started on September 2-6 and the exhibitions will continue until mid October, 2015.

KAUNAS PHOTO is member of Festival Of Light organisation.

Since 2004 photo art festival KAUNAS PHOTO is organized by Viešoji įstaiga "Šviesos raštas" festival@kaunasphoto.info and Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian Photo Artists' Union (kaunasart@gmail.com +370 37 321145).

Festival founder and director Mindaugas Kavaliauskas festival@light.lt +370 650 77895
Main sponsors of KAUNAS PHOTO are Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Kaunas municipality.

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