From May 07 to May 23

Flâneur exhibition in Paris - A Perspective

Paris is one of the “birth places” of the flâneur, and is also the city where we’ll be launching Flâneur’s second year.

A perspective. This exhibition brings a perspective that reflects the way we flâner during 2015. Mansfield, London, Hamburg, Torino, Milano, Roma, Lisboa were read thru the approach of 10 invited photographers: Kajal Nisha Patel (UK), David Severn (UK), Rut Blees Luxemburg (DE), Virgílio Ferreira (PT), Giacomo Brunelli (IT), Toni Amengual (ES), Dougie Wallace (UK), Marcello Bonfanti (IT), Augusto Brázio (PT) e Martina Cleary (IE). This multifaceted approach was shaped by the background of each artist and this 7 cities were reinterpreted by English, German, Italian, Irish, Portuguese and Spanish artists. This multicultural approach reflects a Europe of today and this exhibition wants to show it. To cross the different works produced on each city was a conceptual option to reinforce the cultural richness, diversity and the randomness of the European urban fabric. Each city was photographed with a specific point of view, however to join those different outlooks in the same exhibition creates a new organic unit, a kind of imaginary city produced by this chaotic mixture, simultaneously astounding and challenging.


Flâneur exhibition in Paris - A Perspective

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