From July 01 to July 02

Workshop with Rik Moran The Eight Hour Photobook

This workshop will play with the relationship between images and writing, thinking about how we can create images through language and use our photographic practice and our thinking about photography in an expanded way.

Teichmann merges the literary and visual throughout her work, juxtaposing different forms of narrative pieces which sit together as a fragmented form of storytelling. In artist books, voice over narratives in moving image installation, performance and text works, fiction is central to Esther’s relationship to the photographic. Please bring: – Pen and Paper
– An image (as a print out, cut out or photocopy – non screen image) – this can be a found image, your own image. Preferably not a recognisable or iconic photograph, but rather an image (whether figurative or abstract), that will act as a spring board for a series of playful exercises which will rethink our relationship to language and the photographic.

– On the second day, participants are invited to bring existing bodies of work (on laptops or as prints) that they would like to re-edit and think about in a new way in relationship to storytelling and language.

In this second session, a new short piece of writing will be generated in dialogue with your works and will be edited with the images, with a new view of what may be evoked in juxtaposition with one another

Workshop with Rik Moran The Eight Hour Photobook

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