From September 11 to October 05


The photographers showing work produced during the Flâneur artistic residency are Augusto Brázio (Portugal) and Martina Cleary (Ireland).

Besides Bang!, by Augusto Brázio and At night we dreamed of tall ships, by Martina Cleary was exhibited in Largo do Intendente.

Augusto Brázio created the series Bang! based on the life and wanderings around the suburbs of Lisbon,  where he lives. Bang! is the first chapter of a trilogy.
Describing his work as documental, Augusto Brázio, sees the suburbs of the city as his humus and base, from which he draws slices of reality to create fictional chapters. Bang! is a piece of work that emerged from a template that the artist has been developing for some time. In Bang! Augusto Brázio reveals to us a hard and dark night. A night made of sex, religion, and shows. But also a suburb with a fading identity, just like any other suburb in any other part of the world.

Augusto Brázio studied at the College of Fine Arts in Lisbon. He began his career as a photographer in the early 90’s working for the press. At the same time, in a collaboration with the Lisbon music production studio União Lisboa, he developed projects with different musicians. In 1996, he started to work with the weekly magazine DNA and the daily newspaper Diário de Notícias where he published several photos, either documental or portraits, which he continued to do up until 2006. In the meantime, in 2004, he was invited to join Kameraphoto, the photographers collective, where he pursued several projects, both personal and collaborative. He publishes regularly for a number of international publications. In 2008, he won the Visão/Bes prize for Photojournalism. In recent years, he’s been focused on personal projects, reflecting on the questions of immigration, belonging and the occupation of the territory. His works are represented in numerous private and public collections.

Martina Cleary 's The city is like a great vessel with sails hoisted high every morning from each window. Flames of colour infused with sunlight against the clear blue of July sky, filled with swallows and air so warm it reaches out like a touch. People pass, wave upon wave, each in their own silent thought.  Who would want to ever leave this state of wandering.  An immersion in the vivid moment of all that arrives and departs. The undertow of loss and longing, washed in like memory, caught in a hidden glance.

In responding to the invite to be a Flâneur of Lisbon, I was interested in the constancy of the city as a fixed place, and the unique relationship of this city to a long history of navigation, of travelling out into the unknown. In Lisbon I walked a line between the land and the sea, because this place is both. 

Martina Cleary is a Dublin born photographer and artist, currently based in the West of Ireland. She attended NCAD Dublin and the Crawford College of Art and Design Cork, followed postgraduate studies at The Finnish Academy of Fine Art and The Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki.  Martina has exhibited nationally and internationally with support from the Arts Councils of Ireland and Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Clare County Arts Office and a number of other organizations in both Ireland and abroad. Recently her work has been selected for the Format Festival, UK (2015),  the Athens Photo Festival (2015),  the Obscura Festival Malaysia (2015) and the Impressions Fine Art Print Expo, Ireland (2015). Along with her work as a photographer in recent years Martina has also worked as a lecturer in photography and cultural history for a number of institutes and organizations including, The EU Urban Development Project and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki,  Burren College of Art, LSAD and GMIT in Ireland, Cardiff School of Art & Design in the UK, and  Moore College of Art and Design Philadelphia.


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