Toni Amengual



Taking the concept of flâneur as a point of departure, the city of Rome offers an unmatched backdrop for reflecting on the themes of production/creation, use and consumption of images. The great tourist attraction of Rome is precisely that: the contemplation of images, from paintings to sculpture, to buildings and monuments – icons that in their time were created for propagandistic purposes, principally religious. Just like any mundane tourist, Amengual sneaks around these monuments, documenting the interaction between tourists and the iconic masterpieces.

Through his camera he transforms the anonymous tourist into a living work of art, adopting a strong chiaroscuro technique that draws from the Baroque style. iCona plays on the word “Icon”, and hints to the most popular technological tool of the 21st century for producing and sharing images via the internet. At the same time, it refers to the first person pronoun in English, “I”, being a reflection on the dominating nihilism of our culture, whereby the selfie has become its crowning visual manifestation.

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