Marcello Bonfanti


Cine Cittá, an homage to Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino, architect, photographer, designer, airplane pilot, writer, an eclectic figure of XX century Turin, far from the architectural mainstream, he lived his research as a spiritual journey, that brought him to realize the Afterlife house, on the river Po, in the heart of Turin. He never lived in that small flat that was meant to be the house of his soul, left on this earth like a shell, after the mollusk’s death. Following Mollino’s invitation to use architecture as a mean of inner knowledge, Marcello Bonfanti, investigates the gateways that define the rooms of the soul, starting from Mollino’s flat where the architect used to photograph his famous female nudes, driven by a powerful voyeuristic attraction towards his models, that had nothing tactile nor carnal, using the female figure as an aesthetic instrument for his artistic production that he lived as an immersion in the primal realm. He often drew using two hands, as when he designed the Regio Theatre, the non-monument, the place of representation of life, where floors and stairs become symbols of an introspection that can lead to the mental trap of obsession, represented by the Lingotto’s ramp, a courageous structure of the beginning of the XX century. A trap from which we can escape through reason and knowledge, towards the redeeming solution and the reconnection with Nature, symbolized by a walk through the Academy of Science, an 18th century institution, an Enlightenment stronghold. In the dualistic tradition, the way out can become the realm of ego and evil as in the black esoteric tradition of Turin, symbolized by the spaces of the New Jail. The journey ends at the Monumental Cemetery, where the innocent glance of two children is confronted with the final destination, identical to the starting dimension from which they came to complete the earthly journey.

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