Dougie Wallace


Milan: The Comedy Of Wealth

[Doorman] The occupation dates back at least to the time of Plautus under the Roman Republic where its name was iānitor (from iānua, “door”, also the root of janitor). The significance of the doorman as the person allowing (or barring) entry dates as far back as Mesopotamian myths and the Greek myths descended from them, including that of Nergal overcoming the seven doormen guarding the gates to the Underworld.

[Toydogs] The diminutive size and winsome expressions of toy dogs illustrate the main function of this group: to embody sheer delight. A stalwart celebrity accessory, as essential as a pair of designer sunglasses. Often referred to as handbag dogs they have been known to not forget how to be a dog at all.

[Shop ‘Til you Drop] Wearing oneself out in the pursuit of things. The flip side of accumulation is depletion. To reach the point of no longer having the use of your legs after a day in the high-octane pace of fast-lane materialism. The aspiration is that the exhaustion one feels is a measure of the amount one has consumed.

[Veblen Goods] Luxury goods, such as expensive wines, jewellery, fashion, designer handbags, and luxury cars in demand because of the high prices asked for them, known as the Veblen effect – named after economist Thorstein Veblen, who first identified conspicuous consumption in the late 19th century as a mode of status seeking in his thesis The Theory of the Leisure Class.

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