Cristina De Middel

Hotel Hotel

Traveling and discovering new places is a quite common aspiration for modern times. But that means facing the unknown and dealing with which, in the end, becomes a journey into yourself and your potential and limitations. I spend most of my time traveling and facing this unknown territory and for this project I decided to engage with the exoticism of a city I had never visited and a part of the world I hardly know by keeping things under control. I decided to transform the challenge of sharing my vision of Łódź by not leaving my hotel room and sharing what that imposed isolation could tell about myself. The hotel where I was staying provided enough inspiration for that and then I started exploring my fears and expectations based on the stereotypes that these 2 weeks brought back to my mind. I magnified the scene, transforming my hotel room into the set of all the horror movies I had ever watched at the same time.

It´s not that I was scared, it´s just that the place was scary.

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