Giacomo Brunelli


“Hamburg” is the new body of work by the photographer Giacomo Brunelli commissioned by the Triennial of Photography Hamburg and Flâneur. Brunelli is best known for his series “The Animals” where he photographed striking portraits of animals in Italy and “Eternal London” where he uses his distinct film-noir style to create a unique and evocative view of the capital and its famous landmarks.

For this new project, Brunelli, takes his photographs during daily early morning walks, randomly choosing a person to follow before focusing his camera on them. Working with a removable viewfinder, he photographs his subjects from waist height and other unusual angles, such as directly from behind and with extreme closeups. Working entirely in analogue format, Brunelli shoots his photographs with a 1960s Miranda Sensomat 35mm camera, given to him by his father and hand prints his photographs in the darkroom. In this exhibition, Brunelli takes us around Hamburg, its lakes, HafenCity, Planten un Blomen, Blankenese and other iconic areas that make the city so highly recognisable.

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